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Here at ATC, we love creating custom pieces at reasonable prices, whether a single item or a run of 100s, or even 1000s. Paul, our designer extraordinaire, works with each customer to create exactly what is desired, ensuring that each piece is both ruggedly functional and aesthetically pleasing. As with all ATC gear, custom orders are made with great care in Colorado, U.S.A., from the highest quality American-sourced materials. If you wish to have a custom piece (or pieces) designed, please contact us at, and we’ll start sketching.

Custom pricing includes the following: 1) Custom designing, 2) Custom patterning, 3) Hand-cutting, and 4) Hand-sewing. Custom orders usually ship about 8 weeks after payment. All custom items are non-returnable and non-refundable.

**Adventure Tool Company retains the rights to all designs that we create.**


Here are just a few examples of the many custom pieces we’ve created:

1)  For Overland Expo 2014, we created about 1000 of these messenger bags, which were given to registered attendees. The 4-inch MILSPEC Velcro sewn across the front provided ample room to display the many vendor patches collected during the event, while the MILSPEC seatbelt-grade webbed strap was box-stitched for exceptional durability. Made of black 1000 Denier, a large slash pocket sewn onto the back of the bag created considerable extra storage space for pamphlets, stickers, brochures, etc. This may be an attendee bag, but it’s not like any other. Built to last, it will easily endure wear and tear for many decades.

2)  For Slee Offroad, we designed and produced 100’s of these first aid kits, per Mr. Slee’s specifications. Built entirely with MILSPEC components, including a #10 YKK zipper, the kit fits perfectly atop the storage drawer systems that the company installs in the rear cargo areas of Land Cruisers. Strips of Velcro sewn along the bottom ensure that the kit will stay in place, despite continual jostling during offroading. And the interior is bisected by an adjustable divider, allowing specialized configurations.

3)  Morris Y. of Denver, Colorado, asked us to design and fabricate a storage bag to fit in the open space on the hub side of his Land Rover's spare tire. The spare tire is mounted on the Rover's swing-out bumper assembly, so when the bumper is opened, the storage bag becomes accessible. When the bumper is closed, the bag is hidden and secure. The front diameter of the bag is 18", while the rear diameter is 16". These varying dimensions allow the bag to fit snugly in the concave space. Other features: a small brass grommet surrounds a drain hole opening at the bottom, the side pleating faces down rather than up so it won't gather rainwater, a dual metal loop structure maintains the bag's structure, and the interior is lined with red 1000 denier Cordura.

4)  D.T. of Hilo, Hawaii, asked us to make him a bedroll of Desert Tan waxed canvas, to be folded in half one way then the other, and rolled closed, with two MILSPEC buckle fasteners. Perfect for protecting bedding from ground cold and moisture. We liked the result so much, we made a second one for ourselves.

5)  For Ryan H. of Gillette, Wyoming, we created a First Aid Kit for his great old Xterra. Made of 1000 denier Cordura and other U.S.-made MILSPEC components, it includes 4 lengths of elastic daisy-chain loops, a mesh pocket, and 2 large slash pockets that run behind the daisy-chains.

6)  Phil and Judy R. of Clearwater, Florida, took their young granddaughter Emma to Colorado for vacation. Emma very much wanted to pan for gold while here, so her grandparents asked us to create a panning kit for her.  Paul designed a bag based on a traditional miner’s satchel, finishing it off with leather accents.  In Victor, Colorado, we found a real gold panning pan, locally made.  And in a small shop not far from ATC headquarters, we discovered a vintage stoppered glass bottle in which Emma can keep her newfound riches.  We hope she had an excellent adventure!

7)  Joe P. of Colorado has a favorite utility axe that he’s been using for many years while adventuring through the mountains. When not in use, the axe breaks down into three segments. Over the years Joe tried stowing it in many different carrying pouches, but the axe blade soon wore through the sides of each and every one. Joe asked us to make a carrying case that could withstand the sharpness of the blade, while remaining small enough to be stowed in any nook or cranny of his vehicle, backpack, or pannier. Paul designed this case. Compact and functional, it also has a crucial hidden feature. The interior sides and bottom are lined with 2-inch MILSPEC seatbelt webbing. Joe’s axe won’t wear through that material anytime soon.


8)  Jake Quiñones of New Mexico Backroads needed a rugged tool pouch to carry some big, heavy tools. Paul created a tool pouch on steroids, considerably larger than the standard ATC Tool Pouches, with the bottom reinforced by an extra layer of canvas. To see some spectacular photos taken by Jake, please visit

9)  Rami H. of Albany, New York, asked us to create two large carrying cases, one for his Partner Steel Stove and one for his folding camp table. Measuring 22”x16”x6” and 22”x16”x3”, respectively. We designed a couple of big, beefy cases for him using our signature OD green waxed canvas and MILSPEC components, including rugged #10 YKK zippers and seatbelt-webbing handles. Lifetime warranty included, as usual.

10) These First Aid Kits may resemble the Slee Kits shown above, but they are considerably different. Gregory G. of Trabuco Canyon, California, asked us to design a couple of Kits, for him and for his son. Using the Slee version as a starting point, we added quite a few features. This one contains two interior dividers, which create three interior compartments. The divider ends, as well as the interior walls, are lined with Velcro, so the divider placements, and thus the compartment sizes, are infinitely adjustable. As for the interior lid, it holds two slash pockets. The first, made of automotive-grade UV-stabilized vinyl for visual ease, is divided into three sections. The second, behind the vinyl, is one large pocket, perfect for storing gloves, large bandages, etc. Instead of a simple webbed handle, we added a wide seatbelt-grade webbed handle, which encircles the entire kit, providing both stability and structure. We hope Gregory and his son never have occasion to use the contents of their Kits, but if they do, we’re glad we could provide the Kits, just in case.


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