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Tow Strap Throw-Bag Instructions

Many thanks for your purchase of a Tow Strap Throw-Bag!  Not only is it easily functional, but it is also great fun to use.  How often do you get a bag that is meant to be tossed around?

We thought a few instructions regarding the Throw-Bag might be of use, as follows:

Loading the Rope:  In order for the rope to deploy correctly when the Throw-Bag is thrown, the rope must have been loaded properly.  Doing so is very easy.  1) Simply lower one end of the tow strap into the bag, feed it through the bottom aperture, and buckle it within the exterior loop.  2) Feed the rope foot by foot into the bag, so that it folds naturally upon itself.  (The interior handle gives you a grip for one hand.)  3)  Buckle the second end of the tow strap, along with the shackles, within the top interior buckled loop.  Now you’re ready to go.  (If a jumble of rope is simply stuffed into the bag, the rope won’t deploy correctly.)

Using the Bag:  1) Remove the shackles from the top, interior loop.  2)  Remove the end of the tow strap from the top, interior loop.  3)  While standing on stable ground near your vehicle, hold that end of the tow strap and throw the bag to the vehicle that needs towing.  The strap will feed out mid-air.  4)  At the other vehicle, unbuckle the other end of the tow strap from the bottom, exterior loop.  5)  Shackle each end of the strap to a tow point on each vehicle.  6)  Extract the stuck vehicle.  7)  Unshackle the ends.  8)  Feed the tow strap back into the bag, per the instructions above.  9)  Buckle the ends of the tow strap and the shackles into their original positions.  10)  Toss the bag into your rig, and keep on wheeling.

Cleaning the Bag:   If the bag becomes mucky, allow it to air-dry completely.  Then, using a stiff brush, brush away the dirt.  DO NOT put the Throw-Bag in a washing machine, because doing so would reduce the effect of the wax in the canvas and the DWR waterproofing in the Cordura.  (If you ever wish to re-wax the canvas, simply contact us, and we’ll let you know how.)

Other Notes:  When tossing the Throw-Bag, be very careful that you don’t hit other people, any vehicles, or anything else.  When using any type of recovery equipment, including the Throw-Bag, tow ropes, and shackles, use all standard and accepted safety practices.   Adventure Tool Company is not responsible for any damage or injury associated with the use of its products.  Be safe, and have fun!!!!


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