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Made in Colorado, U.S.A.

Built with the Highest Quality U.S.-Made Materials

The Scent of Waxed Canvas

Here at ATC, we love the old-school scent of waxed canvas. We have our waxed canvas made fresh for us, by the United States company that used to make waxed canvas for the military, back when the military was still using it. What causes the scent? The paraffin wax that infuses the canvas, giving it so many of its great characteristics.

When we sew ATC gear, and when a supporter receives it, the fresh paraffin in the canvas is still slightly damp. Hence, the scent. Once the wax dries completely, which doesn't take long, the scent virtually disappears.

If you wish to speed the wax drying process, simply do this. Leave the piece of gear out in the open, unfolded, preferably in sunlight. (Don't use a heat source that is hotter or more direct than sunlight!) A few days or so of drying in this manner dries the wax to its final state.

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