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Made in Colorado, U.S.A.

Built with the Highest Quality U.S.-Made Materials

Limited Lifetime Warranty

(If you believe one of our products needs warranty repair, please contact us at, and we will arrange for its return. DO NOT SIMPLY SEND BACK THE ITEM.)

We offer a lifetime warranty on our products, as follows:

Should one of our products fail due to a defect either in materials or construction, we will repair or replace it, free of charge, for the lifetime of the product.

This warranty excludes abuse of our products, including, but not limited to, tears, holes, abrasions, any manner of overt abuse (such as getting run over by a vehicle or bouncing down the side of mountain), personal modifications, heat or fire damage, smashed buckles, or discoloration/damage due to contact with chemicals or solvents. Abuse also includes allowing the bag to get so filthy that physical particulates of dirt, grime, gravel, etc. interfere with the proper functioning of zipper and buckles.

Cleaning and caring for ATC gear in a manner other than what we recommend on our Cleaning ATC Gear page voids the warranty.

Promotional products, such as t-shirts, hats, stickers, etc., are not covered by the lifetime warranty.

ATC doesn't warranty DeWALT tools. DeWALT provides its own lifetime warranty. If you have an issue regarding a DeWALT tool, please contact DeWALT directly.

Some further limitations may apply.  For more information please contact us at

The customer returning the product for repair/replacement is responsible for the return shipping charges, while Adventure Tool Company will pay the shipping for sending the repaired/replaced item back to the customer.
Please note:

Adventure Tool Company's products are manufactured in Colorado, U.S.A., under the strictest quality control guidelines, using only the highest quality American-made MILSPEC components. These products are sewn with state-of-the-art equipment using high-tensile MILSPEC nylon thread. We take great care to ensure that our products will provide you with countless years of faithful service.

Though our textile materials are the most durable and rugged available, they are textiles. They can be cut with a very sharp blade, edge, or corner, and they can be punctured with a very sharp point. If they are thus cut or punctured, the damage isn't due to a defect in material, but to a misuse of the gear, beyond its intended purpose. Similarly, our buckles are extremely hardy, but they are buckles, meant to be opened and closed. They might possibly break if stepped upon with a boot heel, struck with a heavy object, dropped from a great height, or misused in any other manner.

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