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Made in Colorado, U.S.A.

Built with the Highest Quality U.S.-Made Materials

Waxed Canvas Care

Waxed Canvas is a great and versatile old-school material.  When cared for properly, it will last for many decades or longer.

ATC Waxed Canvas gear is meant to be used.  It will get soiled, dirtied, and oiled when deployed for its intended purpose.  We consider this to be a very good thing.  We've never cleaned our own gear.  We figure that accumulated imperfections add great character, and create fun stories to be told around campfires.  On occasion, however, your gear might become particularly mucky and you may wish to clean it.  Follow these few tips for maintaining its great patina:

If the Waxed Canvas becomes soiled, simply let the soiled area dry (if it is at all wet).  Once it has dried thoroughly, use a soft brush to gently brush away the soil/dirt, or whatever, from the canvas.  As for oily substances, they will simply become a part of the material.  Don't try to clean them.  (There is no good way to clean oiliness without damaging the wax, and thus ruining the water resistance.  And many harsh cleaners will permanently damage the canvas itself.)

After extended use, waxed canvas gear sometimes required re-waxing.  Simply apply a layer of good-quality wax.  (We recommend Otter Wax and Martexin Wax).  Then apply a little gentle heat until the wax soaks in.  The best heat sources?  A blow-dryer or direct sunlight.  (Don't use anything hotter.) 

DO NOT:    Use detergent

                  Wash in a washing machine

                  Use harsh solvents or other harsh cleaning substances

                  Dry clean

Though our textile materials are the most durable and rugged available, they are textiles. They can be cut with a very sharp blade, edge, or corner, and they can be punctured with a very sharp point. Care should be taken not to abuse them by cutting or puncturing.

Wool Camp Blanket Care

Your Wool Camp Blanket is machine washable and dryable.  Because the blanket is made predominantly of natural fibers, some specific attention should be paid to the cleaning process if the blanket is to remain in its lovely condition.  (It can't be washed like an old pair of blue jeans.)  To that end, we provide the following instructions:


Wash the blanket by itself using cold water on the gentle cycle, with a little detergent.  Add softener to the rinse cycle.  Remove from the washer as soon as the final spin cycle has finished.


Dry on the coolest and gentlest settings that your machine offers.  Remove from the dryer as soon as the blanket has barely finished drying.  Fold immediately.

**The first time you wash and dry the blanket, most/all of the excess lint will scrub away, so there will be quite a few lint bunnies on the dried blanket.  This is entirely normal.


Allow the blanket to continue tumbling in the dryer after it has already dried.  Doing so will harm the blanket.  High heat damages the integrity of dry woven wool.

Do not leave the blanket to cool in the dryer.  (Fold it immediately after drying has finished.)

The Scent of Waxed Canvas

Here at ATC, we love the old-school scent of waxed canvas. We have our waxed canvas made fresh for us, by the United States company that used to make waxed canvas for the military, back when the military was still using it. What causes the scent? The paraffin wax that infuses the canvas, giving it so many of its great characteristics.

When we sew ATC gear, and when a supporter receives it, the fresh paraffin in the canvas is still slightly damp. Hence, the scent. Once the wax dries completely, which doesn't take long, the scent virtually disappears.

If you wish to speed the wax drying process, simply do this. Leave the piece of gear out in the open, unfolded, preferably in sunlight. (Don't use a heat source that is hotter or more direct than sunlight!) A few days or so of drying in this manner dries the wax to its final state.

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