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Made in Colorado, U.S.A.

Built with the Highest Quality U.S.-Made Materials



Expedition Portal (December 2017)

          The kind folks at ExpoPortal write, "We've mentioned how much we love Adventure Tool Company before, but after releasing a few new products this year we've fallen in love with them all over again. Made in Colorado from MILSPEC components like high quality waxed canvas, these bags and rolls are as durable as they are attractive, and come with a lifetime warranty to back them up. We've used them to organize and sort everything from bicycle components to our vehicle repair kits, and they never fail to do their jobs. Whether you're looking for tool rolls, small sorting bags, duffels, blankets, or a completely custom product, ATC will have what you need."


Toyota Trails Magazine/Toyota Land Cruiser Association (January/February 2017 issue)

          Senior Editor Stan Wright writes that "the ShopRoll may be the coolest product we've ever featured in Trail News. We're incredibly impressed with the attention to detail." He also says that "we were incredibly impressed with how much this roll can carry. It's designed to carry everything you need to make trail repairs on your vehicle." He adds that Adventure Tool Company is "producing some of the most useful and well-made products anywhere in the world." Thanks so much for your very kind words, Stan!!!


Overland Journal (Fall 2015 issue)

          Overland Journal and its Senior Editor, Christophe Noel, have done us the great honor of including the ATC All-Purpose Duffel Bag as one of its "Best of Breed" duffels, alongside duffels by The North Face, Filson, Red Oxx, and Simms. Christophe writes that the ATC Duffel is "one of the most durable bags we have ever tested, and we haven't been kind to it." He then bestows upon ATC the "coveted Value Award." Here at ATC, we are beyond honored to be included in such illustrious company by the premier expedition publication in the world.


Wheels Afield (Summer 2015 issue)

          Wheels Afield magazine honors us with a lovely recommendation for our ATC gear, saying that "the best place to store your invaluable essentials [tools] are these built-for-the-road rolls and pouches. Waxed canvas construction protects metal from rust and IT WILL LAST VIRTUALLY FOREVER. We especially like the 30 different ID tags, including Widgets and Misc. Crap. Now that's an organization system we can appreciate." Thanks for the excellent review!


Petersen's Hunting Magazine (December 2014/January 2015 issue)

         Petersen's kindly calls ATC gear "the Best Vehicle Gear of 2014." Mike Schoby, the magazine's Editor in Chief, goes on to write that "in a world of throwaway everything, it is refreshing to see a company produce use-inspired products that will last... I abused them across the West for two straight months this past fall. Other than a bit of mud, they are like new. Best of all, there isn't a "Hecho in China" tag found anywhere." We're so glad Mike enjoyed his ATC gear!


TCT Magazine  (Winter 2014)

          TCT Magazine kindly included ATC gear in its Holiday Buying Guide of recommended expedition gear. We thank the great folks at this great Colorado-headquartered magazine!


Petersen's 4Wheel & Off-Road Magazine  (September 2014 issue)

          Petersen's features our Tow Strap Throw-Bag as being an excellent piece of wheeling gear, writing that "the Tow Strap Throw-Bag makes difficult extractions easier. The tossable bag holds the strap, shackles, and gloves. By holding one end of the strap and throwing the bag, you can send the gloves, shackles, and other end of the strap flying to the second vehicle. A buckled loop inside the bag holds the strap and shackles in place. Other features include one internal handle and two external ones to ease throwing. We're so glad Petersen's enjoys our one-of-a-kind Throw-Bag!


Harry J. Epstein Company (June 2014)

          Thanks to Harry J. Epstein Company for their very kind words! Epstein is a truly old-school tool purveyor, exactly as we like. According to Epstein, ATC makes "amazingly nice tool pouches, tool rolls... all 100% US made. I cannot emphasize enough the quality of their products." Epstein goes on to say that ATC’s "most popular item is the 'ShopRoll,' made for the professional off roading adventurer or the lover of all things tool-related.  Too many things to list about it, but it is the MOST heavy duty tool roll I’ve ever seen.”  And ATC makes “a really handy and well designed Tow Strap Throw-Bag as well.”  Paul, our CEO and designer, has been shopping at Epstein for decades, so it is both good fun and a real honor to be reviewed so nicely by the company.


Overland Tech & Travel  (February 2014)

          We wish to thank Jonathan Hanson for the lovely review he recently wrote about our ShopRoll in Overland Tech & Travel.  He says that “the ShopRoll is superbly well-made of 12-ounce oiled canvas, with straight stitching and bound edges.”  He also calls it “a fine piece of gear, and well worth its…price.”  And we love the fact that he appreciates the old-school scent of the waxed canvas.  We do, too!  We hope that he has great good fun using his ShopRoll on all of his adventures.


Petersen's 4Wheel & Off-Road Magazine  (March 2014 issue)

          So much fun!  This is Adventure Tool Company's first inclusion in a national print magazine.  Paul has been reading Petersen’s 4Wheel & Off-Road magazine for many, many years, and received the March 2014 issue in the mail.  He was flipping through it, as he is wont to do, while sipping a particularly nice pale ale.  And there, lo and behold, on the first page of the New Products section, were a description and photo of the ATC ShopRoll.  Many thanks to Petersen’s and its gurus Rick Pewe and Tom Morr for including us!!!

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Expedition Portal/Overland Journal  (November 2013)

           We greatly appreciate the accolades that Expedition Portal continues to give us.  Its reviewer Christophe Noel included the ShopRoll as one of only seven items in ExPo's article "American Overlander: Items for Your Holiday Wish List."  To quote ExPo, “made in America and representing the best of the best, these products made lasting impressions on the Expedition Portal team.”  About the ATC ShopRoll in particular: “Made in Colorado in small batches to ensure maximum quality, this is a tool roll to last the ages.”  Thank you again, ExPo and Christophe!!!



Expedition Portal/Overland Journal  (November 2013)

          We are stunned and thrilled!!!  Expedition Portal gave our ATC gear a stellar review.  ExPo is the website for Overland Journal, which is the premier expedition overland publication in the English-speaking world.  ExPo says that the ATC ShopRoll "is the most robust and well designed tool roll we have seen in years."  ExPo goes on to say that the ShopRoll is "one of our favorite products of the year."  As for ATC gear in general, "their products are thoughtfully designed and built with an uncompromising dedication to quality."  And (this made us giggle), "they also have one of the coolest logos ever."  Thank you to ExPo and its reviewer Christophe Noel!!!

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