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Made in Colorado, U.S.A.

Built with the Highest Quality U.S.-Made Materials

A. ShopRoll

Holds Tools, Manuals, Equipment, Rags, Gloves, etc.ShopRoll21 Variously-Sized PocketsThree Material OptionsOpen and ClosedShopRollShopRoll1000 Denier NylonCompared to Another Very Popular RollCompared to Another Very Popular RollSocket Pocketsor SWAT Black CorduraFor All Your Tools
ShopRollShopRollShopRoll6 Color OptionsOrange-Lined ShopRollShopRoll- Gunmetal GrayShopRollShopRoll- Rescue RedShopRollShopRollShopRollDesert Tan or Forest Green CanvasShopRoll
Price: $99.99

This rugged ShopRoll is built to last.  Period.  You will never need to buy another tool roll.  Made in Colorado, U.S.A., of heavy waxed canvas (or 1000 Denier Nylon) and MILSPEC components, sewn with high-tensile nylon thread and reinforced with binding tape, it will never fail.  You will use it for decades, and then pass it on to your kids (if your buddies don't nick it from you first). Every ShopRoll includes a lifetime warranty.

We designed the ShopRoll to hold all necessary tools, parts, equipment, and manuals for one given vehicle, in order to streamline repairs.  No more searching for the right wrench or socket, no more tools rattling loose within boxes.  Everything you need for that vehicle, stowed in one compact and portable place.  And, when open, the ShopRoll provides a large workmat area, keeping tools and removed vehicle parts safe from the grit and dust of trails, forests, and deserts during trailside repairs.

13 vertical pockets hold standard tools of all varieties, while the large zippered side pouch holds precision tools, along with small parts, electronic equipment, and various other gadgetry.  3 long socket pockets secure all needed sockets in place.  And 2 additional side pockets, fastened with Velcro, are perfect for stowing rags, gloves, etc.  In case you bust a knuckle while wrenching, a little interior pocket holds a mini-first aid kit.  As for the huge zippered pocket that runs behind the workmat area, you can store all sorts of things in it, tarps, t-shirts, fleece vests, more gloves and rags, bungees, or straps.  Even a Chilton-size manual.  Everything you need for that given vehicle will fit in the ShopRoll and roll up quite nicely. Throw it in your vehicle and go out exploring!

**As a variation of our original ShopRoll, we offer a version made of forest green waxed canvas lined with blaze orange 1000 denier Cordura. This version has two (2) large zippered side pockets, instead of one (1) zippered side pocket and one (1) set of socket pockets. As do the all-nylon ShopRolls.

Of the ShopRoll, a Senior Editor at Overland Journal/Expedition Portal writes that it "is the most robust and well designed tool roll we have seen in years."  And he adds that ATC "products are thoughtfully designed and built with an uncompromising dedication to quality." (Thanks so much for your very kind words!)

(Adding additional functionality, the medium Canvas Utility Tarp folds perfectly into the largest pocket. One or more Tool Pouches will roll up within the ShopRoll. And Mesh Organizer Inserts fit easily in the large side zippered areas.)

**Premium Canvas is a beautfully rugged and refined material. The best canvas out there. If you're looking for unique and superior gear, this is it. And it has no odor. Waxed canvas has its great waxed canvas scent, and will age like a leather jacket, becoming more supple and patina-ed the older it gets. Both types of canvas are created here in the United States, and both are water-resistant. Nylon, also water-resistant, has no odor.

  • 21 Tool Pockets (total)
  • 8 in. x 15 in. (closed)
  • 30 in. x 40 in. (open)
  • 13 Individual Tool Pockets
  • 3 Deep-well Socket Pockets
  • 2 Glove and/or Shop Rag Pockets
  • 1 Large Zippered Pocket
  • 1 Huge Zippered Pocket
  • Large Workmat Area
  • 12 oz Canvak Waxed Canvas and/or 1000 Denier Nylon
  • #10 YKK Zippers and Pulls
  • MILSPEC Webbing
  • MILSPEC Nylon Thread
  • MILSPEC Buckles
  • All Seams Taped with Heavy-Duty Nylon Binding Tape
  • All Seams and Stress Points Bar-Tacked
  • Water-Resistant
  • Made In Colorado, U.S.A.
  • Tools and Tarp not included
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty (see warranty page for details)
  • Discounted Flat-Rate Shipping for Most U.S. Orders

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