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Made in Colorado, U.S.A.

Built with the Highest Quality U.S.-Made Materials

P. Tow Strap Throw-Bag

Streamlines Trailside ExtractionsLooped Buckle Secures Tow Strap End With Black 500d NylonLooped Buckle Secures Strap End and 2+ ShacklesFor Gripping While Other Hand Reloads the StrapHolds Tow Strap, Shackles, Gloves, etc.Ready to GoThrow the BagDampens the Energy of a Snapped StrapFeed the Strap Back Into The Bag, Foot by FootSecurely Holds Shackles and Strap End
Tow Strap Throw-BagThrow-Bag BottomBlaze OrangeInterior, TopInterior HandleTow Strap Throw-BagTow Strap Throw-BagHold One Strap EndSafety FeatureReloadingInterior Looped Buckle
Price: $59.99

Once again, you’ve got to pull your buddy’s vehicle out of the snow, muck, or that ditch he slid into.  The Tow Strap Throw-Bag streamlines the process.  Rather than searching through your truck for tow strap, shackles, and gloves, this bag holds them all in one compact place.  The tow strap itself is easily deployable.  Without removing the strap from the Throw-Bag, hold one end of the strap and throw the bag to the other vehicle (taking care not to hit any people or vehicles).  The strap feeds out mid-air.  The bottom of the Throw-Bag contains a reinforced aperture through which the other strap end extends.  Shackle the two ends to the two vehicles’ tow points, and you’re ready to extract.  (The bag remains between, with the strap running through it.)  Once the tow is finished, simply load the strap back into the bag foot by foot.  If the strap is wet or mucky by this point, it won’t soil the interior of your rig.

This Throw-Bag isn’t simply a bag that contains some stuff.  It is designed to hold your gear securely in place, so that the strap doesn’t tangle within the bag, and the shackles don’t rattle around.  Near the top of the Throw-Bag’s interior, a buckled loop holds one strap end and both shackles in place.  At the bottom, on the exterior, a second buckled loop secures the other end of the strap.  The Throw-Bag contains other features as well.  An interior handle near the top gives you a grip for one hand while you’re loading the strap back inside with the other.  The top of the bag closes tightly with a drawstring and heavy-duty cord lock.  And two exterior handles make the bag easy to lift, carry, and toss around.

**Paul designed the Throw-Bag for functionality, but also for safety.  During an extraction, the tow points, shackles, or tow strap could possibly fail, turning the strap into a highly dangerous rubber band.  The Throw-Bag counters this effect.  Simply place a rock or spare shackle inside the Throw-Bag, where it sits on the ground between the vehicles.  If a failure occurs, that dead weight will dampen the unleashed energy, thereby protecting people and vehicles.  **(After putting a weight inside the Throw-Bag, make sure that the drawstring is cinched down very tightly, and the cord lock is locked, so that the weight can't possibly fly out of the bag.)**

This bag is meant to last despite frequent use.  Made in Colorado, U.S.A., of heavy waxed canvas, nylon, and MILSPEC components, sewn with high-tensile nylon thread and reinforced with binding tape, it’s as tough as nails.  Every Tow Strap Throw-Bag comes with a lifetime warranty.

For the tow strap in the Throw-Bag to deploy correctly, it must be packed correctly. Please see the Tow Strap Throw-Bag Instructions page for details.

For storing recovery gear, please also see the Recovery Bag.

*Please note that waxed canvas has its wonderful waxed canvas scent, while Cordura is scentless.

  • Made in Colorado, U.S.A.
  • All Components Sourced in the U.S.A.
  • Holds a 60-foot Tow Strap (with plenty of room to spare)
  • Holds Shackles, Gloves, etc.
  • 30-inch Circumference
  • 19 inches High (13 inches of Waxed Canvas, 6 inches of Cordura)
  • 12 oz. Canvak Waxed Canvas
  • Blaze Orange 1000 Denier Nylon Topped with Black 500 Denier Nylon
  • MILSPEC Webbing (for Straps and Handles)
  • MILSPEC 550 Paracord Drawstring
  • MILSPEC Heavy-Duty Cord Lock
  • MILSPEC Nylon Thread
  • MILSPEC Buckles
  • All Seams Taped with Heavy-Duty Nylon Binding Tape
  • All Seams and Stress Points "Bar-Tacked"
  • Water-resistant
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty (see warranty page for details)
  • Tow Strap, Shackles, and Gloves aren't included
  • Discounted Flat-Rate Shipping for Most U.S. Orders

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