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K. Canvas Utility Tarps

Made in Colorado, U.S.A.Large and MediumSewn w/ High-Tensile ThreadProtect Your Fender, Without ScratchingProtect Your Bumper and JackA Trailside RepairBeneath a VehicleGreat for Hauling Wood, Engine Parts, Etc.Perfect for Hauling Anything and EverythingExcellent as Sun or Rain ShieldsEndless Configurations PossibleBeneath a Tent, etc.Moisture-Resistant Ground CoverMILSPEC ComponentsAdds to the VersatilityTough as Nails
Canvas Utility TarpCanvas Utility TarpsCanvas Utility TarpsCanvas Utility TarpsCanvas Utility TarpsTarp and ShopRollGreat Ground CoverCanvas Utility TarpsCanvas Utility TarpsCanvas Utility TarpsCanvas Utility TarpsMoisture-Resistance Ground CoverCanvas Utility TarpsCanvas Utility TarpsCarabiner LoopsHigh-Tensile Thread
Price: $49.99

These tarps have a thousand and one uses.  Made in Colorado, U.S.A. of heavy waxed canvas and MILSPEC components, sewn with high-tensile nylon thread, they’ll take a beating and keep on working.  Heavy and durable, they will perform any task that a plastic tarp can, but won’t tear, crumple, or flap excessively in the wind.  And canvas, unlike plastic, will only become better and more supple with age.  The webbed looped handles allow for endless configurations, whether you’re using rope, carabiners, or zip ties.

A thousand and one uses, as mentioned.  We can’t list them all, but will provide a few examples.  For trailside repairs, the tarps protect a fender or bumper without scratching, or provide ground cover when you’re crawling beneath the engine.  (The medium tarp, when folded into quarters, fits perfectly in the main pocket of the ShopRoll.)  The tarps also make great ground covers in general, protecting against moisture and muck, laid beneath a tent, sleeping bag, picnic lunch, or what have you.  And overhead, too, they have their uses, as sun shades, rain shields, or temporary tops for open-air rigs.  They can be laid across seats or truck beds or trunks for protection, or over top of your gear to batten it all down.  They can be used to haul firewood or large parts, or, arranged in a cocoon, as a camp bed for your dog.  They can also be used…. well, you get the idea.  The possibilities are endless.  And with a lifetime warranty included, you can try them all.

  • Large Tarp:  7 feet x 4.8 feet (approx.), weighs about 5.5 pounds
  • Medium Tarp:  4.8 feet x 3 feet (approx.), weighs about 2.5 pounds
  • Made in Colorado, U.S.A.
  • All Components Made in U.S.A.
  • 12oz. Canvak Waxed Canvas
  • MILSPEC Webbed Looped Handles (6 loops on the Large, 4 Loops on the Medium)
  • MILSPEC Nylon Thread
  • Water-Resistant
  • No Metal, So Won't Scratch Paint
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty (see warranty page for details)
  • $9.99 flat-rate shipping for most U.S. orders

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