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Made in Colorado, U.S.A.

Built with the Highest Quality U.S.-Made Materials

T. Adventure Collection (7 Pieces)

SportRollUtility TarpExpedition Map CaseTool Pouches
SportRollUtility TarpExpedition Map CaseTool Pouches
Price: $189.99

When upfitting vehicles for adventure travel, people from various parts of the world often ask us to create collections of ATC gear to take along with them. Some plan multi-continent expeditions, others roam for weeks or months here and there, every so often, while many grab four-day weekends whenever they can, embracing the great wild world as often as possible. Whatever they need for their travels, we’re thrilled to provide it. A part of us ambles along with them.

We’ve now created three standard ATC gear collections: Expedition (14 pieces), Overland (10 pieces), and Adventure (7 Pieces). Each provides a combination of gear that might be useful for your own travels. And each collection comes with a discount, a price lower than the aggregate sum of the individual pieces. Whichever collection best fits your needs, you’ll own a set of the highest quality, made-in-the-U.S.A. gear, which will only get better and better with use and age. Lifetime warranty included.

The Adventure Collection is a particular favorite of ours. We designed it for those people who love to roam near and far on motorcycles, viewing the world on two wheels with no intervening barriers. For them, sun, wind, and rain, even sleet and snow, provide no obstacle. The heartiest of souls, no doubt about it. And this collection is also perfect for any other smaller conveyance, for bicycles, ATVs, UTVs, boats, small planes, etc. The SportRoll and Tool Pouches hold all needed tools, while folding into very small spaces. The Medium Utility Tarp has 1001 uses, as ground cover during repairs, a place to set your gear in mucky weather, foraged firewood carrier, etc., etc. Wherever you may be heading, your folded map in the Expedition Map Case will get you there old-school, no problem, especially in those many areas where a GPS doesn’t quite work. These 7 pieces will provide great storage and versatility, while taking up minimal space.

*Please note that Waxed Canvas has its wonderful waxed canvas scent, while Nylon is scentless.



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